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HOMEGROWN How-to Cards: How To Save Tomato Seeds

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Continued from yesterday’s post introducing our How-to Cards series: How To Save Tomato Seeds.

Promote biodiversity and heirloom breeds by saving and sharing seeds! Steal these cards. Download them. Print them. Send them. Share them. Click each image to get to the download page.

Also linked on the card is this super awesome seed packet template:

Again, we’re so in love with these designs and want everyone to make these cards their own. Enjoy! More tomorrow.

Other How-to cards:

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HG card - SIP front How To Make A Self-watering Planter

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Zinnias provide a blast of color!

I might have mentioned in cupcakes that my world, for the past 2.5 years, has been consumed by weddings. Sister, college roommate, best friend, manfriend’s best friends…it seems like everyone has taken a stroll down the aisle and invited us along for the ride. So, when manfriend (otherwise known as Vance) took the plunge and chose to propose seconds after I put a casserole under the broiler (it survived), we immediately decided our wedding would be celebration of the collective wedding know-how that our friends have been banking.

Here are the basics: Vance’s family has a summer house in Maine. Ocean, fireplace, big field… no rental fee = perfect. We decided that we did need a caterer, so we hired a local guy who can source things from area farmers. We bought clothes – that was one risk we didn’t want to take. And everything else has pretty much been with the help and grace of our friends and family.

Vance and I made the invitations. Along, with his folks, we planted flowers around the house where the ceremony will be. Katie, another former Farm Aider, is making a lovely guest book. Vance’s mom is on flowers and is doing a bang up job (as you can see from the pic of the test batch she sent this morning). My mom and some other family friends are growing zinnias in their own backyards as gifts and contributions to the wedding. People will be bringing pies instead of cake, and the moms and I will bake the rest. Friends are playing music for the ceremony. Playlists are in the works from everyone who is hip to the pod. A comic/friend/recent bride will hopefully stand in as MC for the reception. Our friend works at a lighting design company and has the lead on free gear. Vance’s sister is a professional lighting designer – all in the family! Let’s see what else…right! Vance’s aunt spent a month at flea markets shopping for table linens to give the mix and match feeling that I wanted for the table settings. The beach by the house has a preponderance of heart shaped rocks. As people have been coming and going, they have been instructed to collect any they find for the big day. The rocks will add some more romance to the tables – and keep the napkins from blowing away.

That leaves booze. We have a number of friends and relatives coming in from major wine producing areas of the country. Instead of gifts, we’ve asked them to bring wine to contribute to the reception. We should have wine from Virginia, Maine, Vermont, California and home brewed beer from MA.

Oh – one last detail. Our officiant is a family friend of Vance’s and staff of USDA. Trying to work a few aggie jokes into the ceremony but some people dont’ think that’s so cool….

143 Cupcakes

Monday, July 21st, 2008

When word gets out to a few of your closest friends, and a few of their closest friends, that you like to make cakes…be warned – especially if all of your friends happen to also have wedding fever. When my friends Jesse and Erin mentioned that they wanted to have cupcakes at their wedding, I was fresh off of a part time job at a commercial cupcake kitchen so I took on the assignment with almost no prompting. Four months later, with only 10 hours to do the deed, 144 cupcakes sounded a little more scary than I had originally figured.

I used my tried and true from scratch chocolate and yellow cake recipes. True to form they cooked up in twenty minutes and one double batter of each flavor totaled twelve dozen. At this point, I was busy patting myself on the back for finishing baking before noon and for the fact that my kitchen still resembled a kitchen…and not a war zone!

I always glaze over the frosting (pun totally intended). Its the last step. It should be easier than baking from scratch. But it never is. I had decided to use a basic buttercream with the secret weapon of corn syrup ( I know. But I found organic, so that’s better than nothing, right?) to make sure that my frosting was smooth and workable. I’ve experimented with recipes that are mostly butter and powdered sugar but I find them to be kind of tasteless and make my teeth hurt from all the sugar. Definitely not wedding worthy.

I’d wedding cupcakescupcakesforgotten, however, that the last time I used the syrup recipe the frosting was way too buttery and soft – making any kind of interesting piping totally impossible. Add to this recipe, a hot humid day and a rapidly tiring chef. The end result was two batches of very chocolate-y and vanilla-y butter. Sweet but still more butter like than frosting like. For this reason, my piping ended up looking kind of sloppy. Over all they looked pretty good and tasted pretty good but I can’t help wondering, does someone out there have a righteous recipe for butter cream that tastes good, pipes well and isn’t entirely based on Crisco?

Oh and the reason that there were only 143 cupcakes was that my dog performed the most important duty of quality control. She had no issues with the soft frosting. Thanks Olive but dont’ tell the bride!