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HOMEGROWN Life: What’s Growing Where You Are? Preserving Herbs.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011






Our few starts are coming along good -well, except for the leeks, not sure what’s going on there.

Our herbs are doing really well, um, that’s an understatement.  They have taken over.  I thought that by only picking one plant of several varieties, they wouldn’t be enough.  I was so wrong.  I brought home three kinds of mint.  THREE!  What was I thinking.  I planted them in a barrel – I do have some common sense, knowing damn well they could conquer a small country.  I also planted two small lemon balm plants, and rosemary with them.  Poor things, they have no idea.  In another barrel I planted some Italian parsley, fennel, and two varieties of thyme.  No need to guess, the parsley and fennel are taking over that one.

preserving herbs

So, we have a massive amount of mint, parsley.  Here’s what I plan to do to preserve my over abundance.  There are several options of preservation.  Drying or dehydrating, keeping fresh in the fridge(not really preserving anything, but it’s not rotting or going to seed in the barrel), and freezing.   This time I’m going to freeze my herbs.  I have two ways that I like to do that.  First one is to roll into a log, whole leaf.  Wrap in plastic wrap or put into freezer bags, secure with a rubberband or twine and toss into the freezer.

preserving herbspreserving herbs

Second, is to put it into my Bamix processor (mini food processor) with a bit of water or olive oil and blend.  From there,  I put the mix into ice cube trays and freeze.  Once they are frozen, you can pop them out into a freezer bag -pull out just what you need, when you need it.

preserving herbspreserving herbs

With the out of control mint, I harvest and freeze cubes with some water or lemon water.  I then can toss these into iced tea, water, or this yummy drink called Limonata.  A nice quick, refreshing drink made with vodka, San Pellegrino citrus drink, and a mint cube- defintely not child friendly, but oh, so yummy.

preserving herbs

How do you preserve your herbs?


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