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Happy HOMEGROWN Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I am the Flock-Tender here on  I am keeping a chronicle of my experiences learning, living, and growing a homegrown lifestyle fresh out of college.

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. A holiday for all of your HOMEGROWN senses! From the turkey to the pie, there’s lots of good food – and family farmers – to be thankful for. May your tables sag under the weight of all the gastronomical goodness! Although the fare usually takes the cake (er, the pie) on Thanksgiving, I am getting back to the root of the holiday this year – celebrating the farmers that grow our food and connecting with folks that we share it with.

Photo Courtesy of Farm Aid

My family’s own holiday menu was crafted after we harvested what we grew and perused local markets over the weekend to find fresh, seasonal foods in our region (check out this downloadable menu from our friends at Farm Aid and fill it in with your own dishes). We hoped to get the “Connecticut Grown” stamp on everything we purchased, but extended our reach into other New England states. While “eating our zip code” this Thanksgiving eliminates some old standby dishes from our table, it allows us to experience the bounty of the season through others. Adios, green bean casserole; hello, mashed celeriac!

I am truly thankful to be able to enjoy local foods grown by family farms, instead whatever wilted veggies and oversize turkeys you can get last minute from the major food corporations. It sure tastes better keeping food dollars in our local economy and supporting family farmers on the land. Celebrate family farmers and independence from corporate control this year – stage your own version Occu-pie Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy of Farm Aid

Prepping, preparing, and enjoying these foods connects us back to the root of our food system – the family farmer – and sharing them brings the connection full-circle. From the seed, to the soil, to the farmer, to the eater, food is a beautiful thing to celebrate. Passing the platters of good food between good folks instills the sense of community and conversation that we enjoy each day on! Start a HOMEGROWN discussion over your meal. Share with each other what you’ve been growing, doing, crafting, and cooking with each other.  Experience together and share new skills and ideas this Thanksgiving. Take the conversation off-line and back to the HOMEGROWN roots around the kitchen table! Let us know how you celebrated, and what you ate, this year.

However you celebrate this year, and whatever you’re cooking, I hope that your holiday is full of good food, good friends, and good times! Happy Thanksgiving.