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Accepting Submissions for the End-of-Season HOMEGROWN Fair!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Recently I traveled back to my roots in rural Connecticut to celebrate an annual agricultural tradition – the Durham Fair.  The Durham Fair is the largest agricultural fair in Connecticut, and growing up as a local, I’ve never missed a fair season! There’s something magical about fair season; a wonderful communal culmination of a year of agri-culture that connects us all back to our roots.

Photos courtesy of Caroline

The beauty of agricultural fairs is the celebration of a rich farming history and homegrown skills.  Family farmers who have worked the land for hundreds of years come back annually near harvest time to show their animals, crafts, art, baked goods, preserves, and plants, share traditional skills and demonstrations, and to eat amazing food and enjoy the exhibits.  Community groups and schools work behind booths to sell their products and their food – much of it local and in support of community-building initiatives.  The spirit and culture of these fairs reminds me very much of the philosophy of – a space for folks to come together and share their knowledge and skills with one another and to enjoy a lively conversation about good food and good living.

Photos courtesy of Caroline

As we approach the end of the harvest season and prepare for winter (here in the Northeast, anyway!), we can all take a little time to look back on a year of progress in living HOMEGROWN.  Share your successes, failures, thoughts and experiences with the HOMEGROWN community – fair-style. Anything new that you’ve done, built, created, explored, or learned, share with us!

  • Submit photos of your backyard livestock, chickens and pets.
  • Post recipes for your favorite dishes that use locally-grown ingredients.
  • Share planting, growing, and food preservation tips.
  • Upload instructions on creating homegrown art, crafts for the upcoming holiday season, or projects you’ve been working on all year.
  • Create a virtual skillshare of new skills learned and share with others.
  • Comment on other’s work, and foster the sense of community that we are proud to build on

While we can’t display your bountiful harvests, beautiful dishes, and crafty projects in a physical space, we want to share them with all in our community through the fall season. Upload your photos, videos, and blogs with “HOMEGROWN Fair” in the title so that they are recognizable submissions.  Of course, we will award prizes for the best of the best – a prize pack, HOMEGROWN Mix-Tape, and a few surprise goodies.  We want to showcase the work that you’ve done this year and how you’ve done it! So get those submissions ready and enjoy the first-annual, end-of-season HOMEGROWN Fair!

Photos courtesy of Caroline

Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories and Celebrate Heritage

Monday, February 28th, 2011


Meg Mateo Ilasco is a California designer, writer and illustrator who has assembled this very special collection of DIY home decor projects.

Meg writes:

The way we decorate our homes gives clues to others about who we are. As we fill them with objects that are meaningful to us, they become domestic scrapbooks that evolve over time as our lives progress.

In this book, I share stories from individuals and couples who have brought their memories, histories, and cultures into their home through original DIY projects.

These charming, sometimes, cheeky projects allow anyone to create modern and stylish artifacts with real meaning. Some favorites include Paula Smail’s “Decoupaged London”, the result of covering a fridge with a map of London, and Haile McCollum’s family silhouette portraits on canvas – including one of the family Labrador Retriever.

decoupage fridge_camh

Our absolute favorite project from the book is Rae Dunn’s “Dad’s Patchwork Coverlet”, a blanket made from scraps of her departed father’s clothes. A warm and soft way to wrap yourself in the memory of a loved one.

Meg’s publisher has been generous enough to share the coverlet instructions from the book for a limited time. Click here for the downloadable pdf. We’re also giving away one copy of the book to one lucky commenter on this blog post. Just tell us how you have personalized your home with a DIY project. The winner will be selected on March 10th, 2011 at noon EST.

Meg also has an exciting new venture called Anthology Magazine – an actual print magazine covering shelter and lifestyle, and a visual feast! Enjoy!

Salad Baskets – make your own greens garden

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

salad basket

A mini, portable and pretty salad garden! From The Kat’s Garden

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