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HOMEGROWN Life: Rachel’s Christmas Crab Cake Recipe


HOMEGROWN-LIFE-LT-GREENEvery Christmas Eve, we have a crab feast at my house. And every year, even when we buy crab to supplement those we catch, we end up with extra. Last year was no exception. My mom always made crab cakes with our leftovers, but since she’s in Ohio, last year was my turn to try my hand at them. Having never made crab cakes before, I was a bit nervous, but in the end I was really happy with them. In the spirit of the season, I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas recipes so you can make them, too!

Remove all of the crab meat from the shell. Grind the oats up. (I like to use a coffee grinder as it gets the oats fairly fine.) Put everything except the oil in a bowl.

I made the mayonnaise from scratch. I find that the commercial stuff is a bit too strong for using in recipes. I’m not sure what that flavor is, but I don’t much care for it. The homemade mayo is much milder, and you can use whatever’s left to make an aioli to accompany the crab cakes. You can also more hot sauce, if you wish. A teaspoon doesn’t add much heat at all, but it does build on the flavor profile.

When I mixed all this together, I was surprised just how runny the batter was. But because it had egg in it, I knew it would be able to bind well.

Add the oil to a hot skillet over medium-high heat then drop in spoonfuls of the batter. Flatten them with the back of the spoon and cook until browned. Gently flip and continue to cook until the other side is browned.

Pull the crab cakes out and place them on paper towels to drain. Transfer them to a warm oven while you cook the rest of the cakes. Serve the crab cakes with any sauce you prefer. We like to eat ours with more hot sauce!


Rachel-Dog-Island-FarmRachel’s friends in college used to call her a Renaissance woman. She was always doing something crafty, creative, or utilitarian. She still is. Instead of crafts, her focus these days has been farming as much of her urban quarter-acre as humanly possible. Along with her husband, she runs Dog Island Farm, in the San Francisco Bay Area. They raise chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a kid. They’re always keeping busy. If Rachel isn’t out in the yard, she’s in the kitchen making something from scratch. Homemade always tastes better! 




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  1. Liked your recipe a lot. Looking forward for some more mouth watering recipes. Keep up the good work.

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