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Sensory Overload: Cooking Gets Vulgar in Detroit

This series explores the intersection one of nature’s perfect pairings – music and food – and the artists who are eating well and living HOMEGROWN on the road (and off.)

photo credit: Detroit Metro-Times

Vulgar is not the first word one would think of when imagining a delicious homemade meal, but Tim Lampinen, aka Timmy Vulgar (frontman for punk-psych band Human Eye and Timmy’s Organism) is what one fan referred to as “The best Mexican grandma I know.”

In this educational and entertaining “Taco-mentary,” Tim prepares a mouthwatering feast of shredded beef tacos for friends who gather at a family establishment called “The Painted Lady.” From the Detroit Metro-Times interview:

In addition to learning by working in kitchens, [Vulgar] says he gained inspiration, as well as some of his favorite techniques, from TV host Mad Coyote Joe, author of A Gringo’s Guide to Authentic Mexican Cooking.

Holding up the book, Vulgar says, “He learned authentic Mexican cooking by hanging out on farms and stuff and just watching how real people cook this food.”

Timmy also provides a useful tip on making a superb salsa: always make your salsa the day before you need it to allow for flavors to meld. Timmy may be Vulgar, but he can rock his way around a kitchen! Enjoy.

Cookin’ with Timmy from Metro Times on Vimeo.

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