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Sensory Overload: Songs About Pie

Pie means comfort. Pie means hospitality. Tradition. Handmade. Homemade. All things good.

Emily Hilliard is a folklorist, writer, fiddler, and baker who lives in Washington, D.C., and her blog, Nothing-in-the-House, is dedicated entirely to the making and enjoyment of pie. We’re thrilled to announce that, starting Monday, Emily will be a regular columnist here on Her pie column is called “Slice of Life.” Stay tuned.

In the mean time, Sensory Overload covers two music and food (pie)-related items:

Our Favorite Pie Songs (Songs About Pie)

Including “Custard Pie Blues” by Sonny Terry


Levon Helm’s “Lemon Icebox Pie” Recipe

So sweet. So good.

Stay tuned for more from Emily and “Slice of Life!”



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