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Sensory Overload: Food At Music Festivals and a Taste Of Andrew W.K.


Andrew W.K. [Photo:]

Music festival season is in full swing. It seems every city (and backwoods open field) is hosting a festival for every genre imaginable this summer. And more often good food is playing a starring role on the festival circuit!

As an avid festie, a trend I’m noticing is that festivals are not only catering to the foodie-festie contingent by offering more food choices, but festivals and artists are finding unique ways to support good food! Farm Aid is helping to bring it’s own brand of good, local food from family farms, HOMEGROWN Concessions, into venues across the country to support local family farmers and offer better food options for concertgoers.  Others like The Great Googa-Mooga make good food, the folks who produce it and the chefs that craft it the focus of their festival. Bonnaroo installs a Food Truck Oasis on the festival grounds which features food from Southeast food trucks, and Newport Folk Fest offers uniquely New England cuisine amongst the standard concert fare.

While most folks in the crowd are glad to nosh well while they rock out, it’s a rare treat to see an artist partaking alongside the fans. But, Andrew WK, always partying hard, took a tasting tour of the food trucks parked at SXSW in Austin, and offered his own critique of the food being served. Check him out scarfing down deviled eggs, pork belly sliders, and bacon from the punk rock Pig Vicious truck.

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