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Giveaway! Farmstead Chef Cookbook

First, we kissed off corporate America as twenty-somethings, pledging to never again let dysfunctional executives walk all over us while greed runs wild. You might say our premature mid-life crisis may have been caused by indigestion. That’s way before we realized an inconvenient truth or the dark side of Food, Inc. Back then, we overdosed on lattes … and chowed down on fast food.

Then we did the unthinkable at age 30, freaking out our parents. We became farmers… 

Sound familiar? Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko are living our dream.  In Green County, Wisconsin, the couple now runs the notable Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast, where they share their homegrown food with their guests.  Now, they’ve created a cookbook with some of their favorite garden-inspired recipes.  As I flipped through Farmstead Chef, I felt like I was sitting in my very own farmhouse kitchen.  Simple, rustic, and comforting, farm-loving foodies will want to cook every single showcased recipe. I know I do.  So!  Let’s make that happen for a Dissertation to Dirt reader! 


Last time I gave a book away, we did a New Yorker style caption contest. It went over so well (and by “well” I mean I was clutching my sides in hysterical laughter), I think we should do it again!  If you’re not familiar with New Yorker cartoon caption contests, here’s how it works.  The New Yorker provides a picture like this:


Then the readers submit captions to fit the picture, like this one submitted by Roger Ebert:

“I’m not going to say the word I’m thinking of”

Now it’s your turn! Caption the photo below of backyard chickens (and one peacock!).  Leave your entry in the comments, or you can tweet me @farmerneysa.  Make me laugh because I’ll choose my favorite at the end of the day Sunday, November 13, and a winner will be announced Monday!


Good luck! See previous caption contest entries here and the winner here!

Thanks to Lisa Kivirist for supplying a copy of her book, The Farmstead Chef, for this giveaway!

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14 Responses to “Giveaway! Farmstead Chef Cookbook”

  1. ” I thought it was suppose to be all chickens in a row?!!”

  2. jennifer cullor Says:

    Dinner for 5?

  3. “May the fowl council meeting now begin…”

  4. “Frank quickly realized this game of musical chairs was going to require all his attention.”

  5. I thought you said you were bringing the briquets!

    and another:

    WOW! Don’t you just love playing musical chairs…oops…stumps!

  6. It’s the high school dance, all the ladies are here, “Poultry In Motion” is playing on the radio…

    Bubble above the peacock’s head reads:

    “You ladies up for a spin?”

  7. Amber DeBerry Says:

    Girls I don’t like to point feathers but I think we all know who forgot the marshmallows.

  8. Some of us just can’t leave our city attitude behind.

  9. “I tell you what guys – if Jeff Dunham shows up to the Clucker Council meeting again and tries to stick his hand up my butt, he’s gettin’ the beak!”

  10. Marie Lazaridis Says:

    Hey Peeps, Listen up! Something fowl’s goin’ on around here.

  11. Farmer’s version of the Jerry Springer Show “Who’s My Baby Daddy?”

  12. patsalvaggio Says:

    I dont care how big he is, there’s 4 of us and only one of him

  13. patsalvaggio Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the “roast” of will perdue!!!

  14. These are great — thanks so much everyone!! Check out Dissertation to Dirt today to find out who the winner is!

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