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Preserving with Friends, indeed.

Harriet has combed through all of the comments on the Preserving with Friends DVD giveaway post, and has made her decision. Here’s what she has to say about your contributions:

After reading all these lovely posts (53 in all) it was hard, very hard to choose.  Who could not love Terresa’s story of the parish blue ribbon or Joe’s passion for passing on the craft to his kids?  And he’s right you know, homemade applesauce does always tastes better.  Amanda’s homage to the Ball Bros. reminded me that brands do start from real people in real towns even though I can get pretty grumpy about the concept of branding at times.  Of course I was completely envious of Jackie P who mentioned an event called the Family Farm Festival where Sandor presided over the kraut.  Would I have loved to be there?  You bet, dancing my heart out with a cabbage leaf on my head (well, that would have been after hours).  And Caitlin, I love, love, love that you make pickled eggs for your dad only wonder why only every other year.  How many do you make at one time? Seems like a fellow can go through quite a few in a year.  That must be one big crock you got over there.  But, alas, there is one winner and I guess after seeing that image of canned chicken that Pat put on display and wondering if it was good, well, I thought the prize should go to Erica G. who cans chicken all the time and says it is the best.  She may have closed the ranks between the waring parties.  I too will can up some chicken this year.  It that way, we have given each other a gift.

Congratulations, Erica G. And bravo to all of you Food Preservationists out there – you’re keeping this incredibly important skill alive and sharing it for others to learn!

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4 Responses to “Preserving with Friends, indeed.”

  1. Thank you so much. This is Wonderful! You made my day! I will be canning more chicken in the next day or two since we have some who are not playing nice in our chicken yard. We have had a busy start in our canning season. Pineapple Jam and Aprium Jam. Apricot and Cherry will be next. Then it will be time to learn how to can dried beans. Once again THANK YOU! I can’t wait for the DVD.

  2. Congratulations, Erica G.!
    Thanks for the shout-out, Harriet. Sandor’s session at the festival has changed me and my relationship to produce. Now I am going to find a place to buy that video! The learning never stops…

  3. Congrats Erica!

  4. Mindy Stone Says:

    I can’t wait to see this video!! I was inspired last night at the Friends of Family Farmers , Beer & inFARMation gathering on canning & preserving food….this video is a on my short list to get! thanks!

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