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HOMEGROWN Life: Lessons Learned: First Year






I’ve seriously been struggling with new ideas.  The brain is constantly going, but it can’t bring anything to fruition.   Seriously, I forget within minutes if I don’t write it down.  Blame it on old age, the gaggle of crazy kids, or that we’re just so busy that I can’t get my shit together.  I can’t wait to get started on the garden, but unfortunately, I’m waiting on a friend and his tractor to come down and till up the yard.  Look, someone else who can’t get their shit together.  Believe me, I’ve got many a seed catalog dog-eared, websites bookmarked, and a few scribbled down on an envelope somewhere around here.  I’m ready!  My fear is I’m going to be late getting things in the ground.  Again.

I look outside and dream of all the vegetables, fruit, and nuts that will be starting to show come June.  I have big dreams.  I had high hopes last summer too, but this time I want to be prepared.  I now know that we need more of everything.  I need bigger beds.  I need more variety in vegetables.  I know what flourished and what didn’t.  I now know what the deer love.  Bastards.

I know that besides myself, all of my kids loved getting their hands dirty.  They loved seeing the plants emerge from the earth and growing the vegetables they could eat right off of the plant.  They loved pulling carrots (albeit small) out of the dirt, brushing them off just a bit and biting into the sweet flesh.  They loved going out in the morning and eating fresh peas right off the vine.  Even the baby knew which ones were best and which ones she should wait on.  The enjoyed going out with me and weeding.  They wouldn’t help weed any other area of the yard, but loved weeding the garden with me.

So while I may be lost for ideas, dream big, or fear that I’ll miss out.  My first year experience has taught me that no matter the outcome or when I start, I am teaching my kids a valuable lesson in loving the dirt and the gifts that we can receive from it.  There is no need to come up with new ideas, my experience can lead the way and we’ll build from that.

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Tory, Sequim, WA

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my non-tree hugging, environmentally friendly, dreamin’-of-farming husband and our four wild, dirt lovin’ kids.  When I’m not writing of the adventures (or misadventures) on our micro-homestead, you might find me stalking Craigslist, Freecycle, or Facebook.  And since I’m all about multi tasking, I’ll probably be out gardening, baking, menu planning, home-educating, exploring with the kiddos, and scheming on how to get chickens past my HOA.

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