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Party Fowl: Chicken Diapers

Our friend and HOMEGROWNer Danielle faced a dilemma recently when her boss invited her over for Christmas cocktails. “Bring your S.O. and your dog, too!” the boss said – some entertainment for her kids, Danielle assumed. Upon telling her boss that the dog did not play well with kids, the boss shrugged and said “bring the chicken, then!” Danielle’s hen, Bill Murray, now had a cocktail party to attend.

Danielle’s boss had met Bill Murray at the HOMEGROWN Urban Country Fair last summer in St. Louis, and she and her family had even sent a thank you card to Bill for the eggs she laid for them. Of course, poop in the living room never entered the boss’ mind when she extended the invitation, but Danielle took initiative and Googled the solution. Behold: Chicken Mom, Suzie and Phillip:

Yes, it’s ridiculous. No, Danielle, does not dress up her animals or push Bill Murray around in a stroller. But, when using our animals as a way to educate people about the sources of their food, being a tidy and well-mannered house guest is only proper!

Entrepreneur Magazine thinks that chicken diapers may also be a burgeoning cottage industry. What do you think?

Oh, and Danielle says that Bill Murray is going Commando.

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  1. Yesterday I found a similar article on another website and didn’t quite get it, but your article helped me understand it better. Thanks a lot!

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