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HOMEGROWN Life: Oatmeal Made Simpler






I have to admit something.  I’ve never made oatmeal in a pot.  Never.  Not in the microwave either (we’re cutting back on using that beast).  Yet, I eat oatmeal often.  Now before you starting asking yourself “What in the hell does this have to do with Homegrown?”  Sit back and think about it.  We all long for a more simpler life.  Well how frickin’ simple is oatmeal.  Okay, now back to our program.

When I was younger, I hated oatmeal.  I had tried the oatmeal packets, you know, where you just dump it in a bowl and add hot water, then watch it plump up from it’s once dehydrated state to a sweet mush, hence I wasn’t the biggest fan.  Of course, they were heavily processed and flavored with unnatural additives that made it taste nothing like the wholesome oatmeal your grandmother once made.

It wasn’t until recently that I rediscovered good, fresh, homemade oatmeal.  I buy my organic rolled oats from our local country market, and if I was even more adventurous I’d buy them and roll them myself at a nearby farm, but because I can’t get my kids to touch them I haven’t gone down that road yet.

Now you’re probably wondering how do I make my oatmeal if not in a pot or the dreaded microwave.  Well, earlier this year I discovered that my rice cooker, which I had only used for making rice and steaming vegetables, had another function.  I remembered back a few years ago we had a fancy smancy rice cooker that had many settings and “Porridge” was one of them, well before I ever had the chance to use it, that cooker went TU and we replaced it with a more simpler ‘on/off’ version.  This past summer I had a craving for a nice hot bowl of oatmeal.  I did a bit of research online, on oatmeal in a rice cooker and went for it.  I brought the rice cooker out, measured out some rolled oats and water, set it to ‘on’, and walked away.  Ten minutes later the cooker beeped.  I walked over to the steaming pot, opened the lid, and to my disbelief, perfect oatmeal.

With just a bit of cream and brown sugar and I was in heaven.  The possibilities of toppings is endless.  Can you imagine having a spoonful of your own summer preserves mixed in or a bit of your homemade yogurt on top?  Now, if I could only get the kidlets to enjoy it as much as I do.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to do your own rice cooker oatmeal:

2 cups of organic rolled oats

4 2/3 cups (approx.) water

a pinch of salt

All into the rice cooker and turn that sucker on. About 10 minutes in, open it and give it a good stir. Close it back up and about 5-10 minutes later it’ll be ready.


Tory, Sequim, WA

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my non-tree hugging, environmentally friendly, dreamin’-of-farming husband and our four wild, dirt lovin’ kids.  When I’m not writing of the adventures (or misadventures) on our micro-homestead, you might find me stalking Craigslist, Freecycle, or Facebook.  And since I’m all about multi tasking, I’ll probably be out gardening, baking, menu planning, home-educating, exploring with the kiddos, and scheming on how to get chickens past my HOA.

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  1. Anne Malcolm Says:

    If a person does not have a rice cooker, simply turn off the burner before all the water is absorbed into the oats by overcooking.

    1. Boil water, add oats & salt (& raisins, etc.). Cover & turn to low a few minutes.

    2. Turn off while there is still water on the surface of the oats.

    3. Let stand a minute…or scoop into bowls & the oats will finish plumping anyway.

    Note: Never use Quaker, it is too processed. If not doing organic, store brands have a better, nuttier oat.

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