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HOMEGROWN Holiday Gift Guide 2010 – Home life, home made, and all from the heart

This year’s collection of gift-worthy items is designed to help you find a way to express your love while keeping you out of the shopping malls. For further inspiration, check out these past posts and and the ongoing discussions about DIY Holiday Gifts. Let us know what you think and feel free to add your ideas, too.


We have asked about your favorite preserving and gardening books. Here are a few that are mentioned often:

Holiday books

1) Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. 2) Putting Food By. 3) Stocking Up III. 4) You Grow Girl. 5) Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. 6) Encyclopedia of Country Living.

And three more books – for the compost-obsessed, the busy parents, and the headbangers in your life.

holy shit book the family dinnermosh potatoes

The Kitchen


Make these Goat Cheese Chocolate Truffles for someone special.

Crisp in a jar

Of course, mini pies were a big hit with your peeps last year, but this year, go crustless with these Crisps in Jars.


Gift the gourmet indulgence of a membership to the Tell Tale Society: A monthly goodie bag of delectables like this Smoked Almond Brittle. Or, start your own goodies society.


A sharp knife is your best friend in the kitchen, and a whetstone is a must-have tool. Shop online or at a local kitchen supply store for the right one. There are tons of videos online that show how to use the stone – though there is evidently some controversy over whether to wet the whetstone, soak it, oil it, or leave it dry. We chose to include this video for its brevity and cheesy smiles. Tell your loved one to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.



HOMEGROWNer Lizz makes organic, sustainable, hand made, deliciously scented soaps, lotions and balms. These felted soaps are pretty and functional.


Make a big batch of this Lavender Honey Salt Scrub and keep half for yourself!


Everyone looks better by candlelight. Make these cute and essential-oil-of-your-choice-scented votives in your crock pot!



Get your fingers busy making a Subversive Cross Stitch for the saltier characters on your list.

Mitten critter

An adorable use for those orphan mittens. Or use an old pair and make siblings!

Join the conversation and tell us what you’ll be making / gifting this season. Links to gift ideas are welcome, too!

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3 Responses to “HOMEGROWN Holiday Gift Guide 2010 – Home life, home made, and all from the heart”

  1. I would add either of AshleyEnglish’s books– Canning & Preserving or Keeping Chickens– to the list!

  2. […] site that brings together homesteaders, homegrowers, and homemakers of all sorts, offers their holiday selections which include books on gardening and preserving, recipes for homemade gifts such as soap and […]

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