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HOMEGROWN Life: Simple Living From A Complicated Life






The busy, every day life of a single mom.  Working the 8 to 5 and then some.  Paying someone else to watch my childrens’ first milestones.  Eating from the drive thru, most times while sitting in traffic for an hour to two every evening, and not even giving it a second thought.  I paid for everything on credit and bought everything that my children desired.  I worked more to try and pay it off.  I rarely had groceries in my kitchen because we were never there.  I rarely took my children outside to play because they were always asleep when we left and arrived at home.


Then we were given an opportunity.  To move from the big city to a small backwoods town.  Work would be no more than a 5 minute commute.  I could be home before school got out.  Dinners could be enjoyed as they should, the entire family around the table, eating a home cooked meal.  We’d have time to play outside and enjoy our own yard and the surrounding parks and beaches before bedtime.


lucy linnea day 2

I got married, and had another baby.  I stopped working altogether.  Cloth diapers were in full swing for the first time.  I refused to use commercial lotions, shampoos, soaps, diaper creams on her.  I started making my own laundry detergent.  I would wear my baby everywhere and started everyday with the mentality that I could do it better for my children.  I started baking and cooking from scratch.  My first few attempts drew many a wrinkled nose, but they would encourage me to continue.  I have a few supporters, but many more would soon follow.  I taught myself to sew, knit, and crochet.  I gave birth for a fourth time.  I buy local, organic, and in massive amounts.  I bake from scratch.  Cook from scratch and plan dinner menus months in advance.  I try not to buy new if I think I can find it on Freecycle or Craigslist first.


Now, I am more determined than ever to provide a simpler, slow, homemade life for my children.

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Tory, Sequim, WA
I live in the Pacific Northwest with my non-tree hugging, environmentally friendly, dreamin’-of-farming husband and our four wild, dirt lovin’ kids.  When I’m not writing of the adventures (or misadventures) on our micro-homestead, you might find me stalking Craigslist, Freecycle, or Facebook.  And since I’m all about multi tasking, I’ll probably be out gardening, baking, menu planning, home-educating, exploring with the kiddos, and scheming on how to get chickens past my HOA.

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  1. Oh Tory! I just got back around to this post. Lovely, lovely and welcome to “the other side.” I’m so glad we’ve both found it! xoxo

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