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The Urban Homesteaders League Market Stand

Our friend Lisa Gross, artist and founder of the Urban Homesteaders’ League, has a new project at the Union Square Farmers Market in Somerville called the Urban Homesteaders’ League Market Stand.  It’s a place to learn skills and techniques related to “urban homesteading”.

[The stand is] an experiential learning space at the Union Square Farmers Market in Somerville, MA where visitors can learn skills for sustainable urban living and creative domesticating. Members and friends of the UHL will lead skillshares on a wide variety of subjects, and visitors will also be able to take home free informational broadsides designed by local graphic designers; swap items they’ve made or grown at the UHL Swap Table; browse the traveling UHL library; and meet other people interested in urban homesteading.

It’s a very cool idea and one that we hopes spreads. The lovely and informative broadsides can be found here and here. Perfect for sharing.

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4 Responses to “The Urban Homesteaders League Market Stand”

  1. I love these ideas! Especially the swap table. Was anyone afraid the other vendors would be negative about the swap table, since it could potentially cost them a sale of a similar item?

  2. Great question Jimmy, I’ve also been trying to navigate the complicated situation of hosting free workshops and undercutting people who are trying to make a living by selling sustainable goods and skills. Would love to see a larger discussion of this!

  3. Hi Aliza and Jimmy. These are great questions. We’re operating with full support of Union Square Main Streets, the organization that runs the market. They feel that having the stand there makes visiting the market an even richer experience, which helps the other stands by bringing in more customers. No one has objected to the swap table–it’s really operating at a much different scale. The experience of using the swap table is also really different from buying something from a vendor. You never know what’s going to be at the swap table, so you can’t really count on it for something you need. For instance, there might be one or two jars of pickles or jam, but if you really want either, and you want a specific kind, it makes a lot more sense to buy it from another stand.

    I’m happy to answer any other questions that people have.

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