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Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 – In The HOMEGROWN Village: Lloyd Kahn

We’re thrilled to be participating again this year in Maker Faire Bay Area on May 22 and 23 in San Mateo, CA!


The HOMEGROWN Village will feature food makers and food growers, as well as experts in modern homesteading topics like greywater catchment, vermicomposting, kombucha and eco-building methods.

Lloyd Kahn, the Editor-in-Chief at Shelter Publications – home of such pioneering publications as “Shelter” and “Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter” – will be offering his knowledge in a presentation titled: The 1/4 Acre Homestead for the 21st Century on Saturday at 1:30. The full schedule of workshops and demos can be found here.

We’re honored to have him join us in The HOMEGROWN Village, as we’ve been following his blog for years. It’s part inspiration gallery, part photo gallery, and all super fun. Lloyd told us that he’s happy to see all of the people who are now re-discovering the methods that he and his contemporaries explored several decades ago, and he looks forward to sharing stories and advice with them at Maker Faire. The internet is a great source of information, he tells us, but you still need your hands and bodies to build a life.

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3 Responses to “Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 – In The HOMEGROWN Village: Lloyd Kahn”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lloyd Kahn. Lloyd Kahn said: Updated link to info on my talk at Maker Faire this Saturday May 22. 1:30 PM, San Mateo County Event Center: […]

  2. Wish I could have been there!

    I was at Maker’s Faire last year with talking about permaculture and worm composting. So happy that the “making” craze ranges from homemade robots to dumpster diving to building your own shelters.

    We makers all have a lot to learn from each other!

  3. Lloyd’s books are great, and he is coming out with a new one soon–I can’t wait to get a copy. Another person to check out is Derek Diedrickson at He’s got some tiny house videos on Youtube and a fun book that he came out with recently.

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