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Getting to know some of the new HOMEGROWNers

We’ve had a lot of new folks join the community over the last few weeks – welcome! Here are some examples of the creative, dedicated and inspiring people who are living HOMEGROWN:

Jennifer Chrispell

What Kind of HOMEGROWN are You?
Fill in the Blank
Fill in the blank:
City Convert
My latest DIY project:
working in the barns to keep our rabbitry in line
Jennifer’s web site:

Emily Achenbaum Harris

A bit about me:
I used to be a newspaper reporter, most recently for the Chicago Tribune, until I decided the pace of the life I’d chosen was making me unhappy. In spring 2009, I quit, and moved to a small house in North Carolina. We grow and preserve some of our own food, are always looking for new ways to live ‘green,’ and reject the idea of More = Better. Married, a new mom to a wonderful girl, and have a penchant for stray dogs.

Emily’s web site:

Thomas P. Carnes

Fill in the blank:
Newby Farmer
Thomas’ web site:

Agarita Creek Farms is a working experiment in self-sufficient and sustainable family farming located in Fredericksburg, Texas. It is operated by Beverly and Tom Carnes, who have no previous farming or ranching experience, but who have an enduring commitment to farming and ranching in a responsible, sustainable, and humane manner, as shepherds to their flock and as stewards to their land.

Lisa Anne

A bit about me:
1/10th of an acre for 2 humans and 2 dogs. Food production starts at home.

Lisa Anne’s web site: This Urban Homestead

Niall Gammill

A bit about me:
Baby, I’m an Anarchist. I’m a Southern Fried Socialist. I’m a budding homebrewer, lasagna gardener and slinger of 100% Grass fed organic Beef, Poultry and Pork for West Wind Farms.

Niall’s web site:

Janine Roe

A bit about me:
I love my garden. Each year I try to learn more about being more self-sustaining in my yard. Some day I hope to have a “farm” to tend to. Veggies, fruits, chickens, goats…

Janine’s web site:

Welcome new HOMEGROWNers – looking forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I love reading others’ blogs.

  2. Hi Everyone!

  3. Seems like most of my tries at gardening don’t turn out well, but I love reading this stuff!
    Thanks, Nonnahs in LA

  4. Nonnahs in LA, you’re in good company. 🙂

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