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Bonnaroo Victory Garden 2010

We recently caught up with the Bonnaroo Victory Garden designer Sarah Bush to hear about her plans for this year’s patch. Sarah is the lovely person in this video handing out seeds and inspiring people to grow their own wherever they are.

In previous years, the plantings have been focused on only one side of the rammed-earth post office structure. After the festival weekend when we all headed home, floating on our clouds of Bonnaroo glee, the garden remained and the property’s caretaker fed himself and his family quite well.

Bonnaroo organizers starting composting all food waste at the festival in 2006. Since then, food service utensils, plates and cups have been integrated into the system and crews processed 30 tons of compostable materials last year. These piles have cooked, some still show signs of rib bones, crawfish claws, corn cups and potato starch forks, but much of this newly-produced soil has gone back into the gardens.

This year, the garden will be laid out in concentric circles covering the entire circumference of the structure – “think Guggenheim” says Sarah. There will be raised beds, containers and straw bale gardens housing tomatoes, peppers, beans, greens, lettuces and herbs – potato bags, too

Expect to see demonstration stations and educational materials explaining various activities like seedsaving, composting, cover cropping, mushroom growing and more.

An exciting feature this year will be a seed swap. Roo-ers are encouraged to bring seeds from their favorite varieties and trade with other folks. What could be better than going home with seeds brought from another concert-goer’s harvest. That’s sharing the love.

Want to deepen your knowledge further? There will be workshops held throughout the weekend on seed saving, shitake cultivation, soil-building/composting, as well as fermentation and sprouting.  (A full schedule is still being worked on and we’ll add updates here as soon as we know more.

Also stay tuned for more information about a local food dinner at the Planet Roo café featuring ingredients sourced from local farms as well as the Bonnaroo gardens!

Keep in mind on those chilly Tennessee nights (ha) that straw bale gardens are a great source of warmth! Have a great time!

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  2. […] The Victory Garden, planned by Sarah Bush of Edible Revolution and her team (including me), was a success!   Located in Planet Roo surrounded by the solar stage and a slew of amazing non-profits, the garden was the educational hub for all things local food. We put in about half of the garden before a massive thunderstorm Wednesday and were pleasantly surprised on Thursday how the compost held moisture yet had great drainage! The garden is made from compost from the onsite piles that include 08 and 09 waste.  There are semi-composted forks that we used as nice garden art–a good reminder of our quest to expand “garden to fork” in our homes and communities.  We planted demonstrations gardens to include a three sisters garden, where squash and beans trail up corn stalks and the plants support each other.  Many of the herbs from the previous year returned! […]

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