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Soil testing, seed paper and self-watering planters

We see some themes popping up in discussions on and thought it time to revisit some topics covered in the blog and library.

In Soil We Trust? Soil testing resources.

Self-watering Containers Made Super Easy. Also known as sub-irrigated planters (SIPs)

Another fun way to swap seeds: Make Your Own Seed-embedded Paper.

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One Response to “Soil testing, seed paper and self-watering planters”

  1. Gardening time is coming!!! I was reading your post and just wanted to see if you’ve heard of the Grow Box? I’ve tried it last spring and had so much success. I had Spanish Onions, Cucumbers, Butternut Squash and Beets that grew like crazy! It’s actually a bit better and a whole lot less expensive than a lot of competitors! They hold about a gallon and a half more water. Check it out at
    Happy Gardening!

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