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An excellent beekeeping how-to guide

David at The Door Blog has posted a comprehensive guide for those considering keeping a hive (or two). David writes:

I’ve really enjoyed my first summer keeping bees – Working with, observing, and learning about the bees has been very interesting and enjoyable.  Before I started I read a lot about the subject, but inevitably experience teaches things that I didn’t pick up on during months of study.


His learnings include “You have to feed bees”, “Don’t plan on producing a lot of honey for a year or two” (really??), “What you DO and DON’T need” for equipment and more.

Read more here. There is a great beekeeping discussion in progress on and be sure to join the Apiarists group if you’d like to keep in touch with newbies and experts alike.

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4 Responses to “An excellent beekeeping how-to guide”

  1. I love the hives high style!

  2. thanks for the guidance and its really informative post.

  3. Thanks for the entry. I am following the discussion in the forum.

  4. Ellen Peavey Says:

    The article on Bee Keeping How To Guide has all the information I needed to get me started. I have wanted to start keeping bee’s for some time now. We have three acres one of which is wooded and a empty pasture so I have enough to work with.I have found a local Bee Keeper whom I will visit and hope will get me started. I already have two fruit tree’s planted and two more to be planted and a garden to start this spring. I live in south east Georgia, right now we have too much snow and ice we aren’t used to this. Hopefully all this snow and ice will be gone by this Sunday and back to our mild winters.

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