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Canvolution! Can-o-rama Cantacular

This weekend was the national Canning Across America celebration of all things preserved. Did you participate in a Canvolution or another less-official-o-rama? Tell us about it!

Linsey from the Cake and Commerce blog organized a fabulous event at a Thai tapas restaurant in Somerville, MA.  Linsey explains her passion this way:

After staunchly maintaining an anti-corporate stance (I did my internship between first and second year at a small goat dairy in California and worked as a cheese buyer and importer in NYC after graduation), I ended up at a publicly traded food company working in their coffee division. When the company reorganzied, I ended up in the Culinary Group (most food companies have staff chefs to help customers develop new products) and then moved into Innovation.

I started Cake and Commerce in 2005 as a way to keep some focus on real food in my free time while spending my days helping restaurant chains develop new menu items. Over time, as my soul was sucked dry from the work I was doing, I found myself becoming more radicalized in my beliefs and practices around food. Although I have always been a careful eater and a passionate cook, I became more so during my time at the company.

Read Linsey’s blog about the Can-O-Rama Cantacular here.

Alex from Feed Me Like You Mean It taught folks how to make sauerkraut and is self-described obsessed with lactofermentation.

pressure cooker

Nika is an Ex-Urban Homesteader (she lives in the exurbs, is formerly an urbanite, and is a modern homesteader) who showed us how not to be afraid of pressure canning. She reported on the Canvolution on her blog Nikas Culinaria.

What an incredible gathering of people! Everyone went home with a yummy and nutritious array of freshly-preserved local veggies, and another preserving gathering is in the works! Bravo-a-rama!

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3 Responses to “Canvolution! Can-o-rama Cantacular”

  1. Love the preserving gathering idea for canning and friends!

  2. I got to spend some time with Chris at Lost Arts Kitchen where we used a pressure canner to process jars of albacore tuna.

  3. Been reading up on everything canvolution! Can’t believe its been around for over 2 years and I’m just now hearing about it. Geez, talk about being in the dark. I’m so excited about it though!

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