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Late blight and the concentration of power in industry

gutter garden heirloom tomato harvest

Our friends at Boston Localvores have reposted a bulletin from Growing For Market that outlines the reasons for the late blight that is obliterating farmer crops along the Eastern seaboard, into Ohio and West Virginia: the concentration of power in the distribution of starter plants. Well-intentioned home gardeners who bought seedlings from “big box stores” were in large part the proxy for this menacing fungus reaching our beloved farmers.

Just as another massive recall has been announced by the USDA – this time it’s more salmonella (antibiotic resistant no less!) in ground beef from an industrial meat giant in California – we cannot ignore the evidence. Support biodiverse, decentralized systems of food production by buying locally-grown food raised by family farmers. Grow what you can. Save and share heirloom seeds. Take back our power over our food.

**Update** Here is some information and a helpful video on Late Blight from the U of MD Extension office

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  1. After reviewing Blight for what it is and how it works, I have come to the conclusion that it was sprayed from air planes. It could not have spread though my whole State as fast as it has without help. The blight was in the rain along with other chemicals that the Government spray’s from planes. Why, I’m not so sure other than they are all crooks and sick individuals! When you research cloud seeding with the understanding that population reduction is under way, the picture is very clear! It is going to be the most interesting decade in a long long time! Good luck all and better luck with your gardens next year ( in a green house)? Me. is loaded!!!

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