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CSK – Community Supported KITCHEN in Portland Maine

Local Sprouts is an industrious cooperative in Portland, ME that 1) caters healthy, locally-source meals 2) educates and reinforces the community through potlucks, a free lunch program and urban gardens, and 3) operates a prepared meals service to their members through what they call the Community Supported Kitchen.

Each week there is a different menu featuring seasonal dishes aspiring to provide 100% local food. We offer soups, salads, sides, entrees, canned and fermented items, desserts and breads. The Community Supported Kitchen is a place for members and our community to connect and learn through food.  We work with youth and others to share culture, knowledge and culinary skills.

The CSK is applying the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farms, where members get a weekly share of vegetables, to prepared food.  We are working to develop a sustainable local food system and build strong connections to the land, to farmers, and to community.  We always share where your food is from and are developing ways for our members to connect with local farms.

How cool is that? Oh, and did I mention how affordable the meals are? Seems like an incredible opportunity.

Do you know of other CSK models in your area?


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5 Responses to “CSK – Community Supported KITCHEN in Portland Maine”

  1. I’m not familiar with CSK’s but I have heard of Community Kitchens where people get together once a week/once every two weeks and cook together. Every one contributes to the cost of the ingredients and all get to take home portions of what was prepared. It’s a way of sharing community and doing some pre-cooking for your family.

  2. Thanks Anne – yes, sounds like another great way of gathering around the good food that we all want to eat.

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  4. We are not a CSK but we a Regional Shared Use Kitchen, catering to small food business, caterers and organizations that need commercial certified space to produce their food product. I would love to give you a tour of our great kitchen and you can even visit the baby goats next door or the farm across the road while you are there. We are located in beautiful Dartmouth MA close to the University of Mass Dartmouth campus. Visit us at

  5. We started a CSK in Urbana, Ill. in Oct. 2007.
    One of the first I think. We are based explicitly on the CSA idea and believe the core principles of any for profit CSK are: Membership, Comittment, & Relationships
    We have been preparing meals for members weekly ever since. This October we will move to the Heritage Kitchen in Mazomanie, Wi to serve the Madison market and move closer to family.
    I feel confident that this idea is a bout to grow, grow, grow!

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