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In Soil We Trust?

Many of the gardeners we’ve heard from would never use the term “dirt” to refer to the medium that one grows in. “Dirt is just lifeless granules and rocks” they say. “Soil is rich with organic nutrients. Alive with good stuff for our veggies.” We hear ya, and we agree. We just thought our little catch phrase “In Dirt We Trust” sounded…provocative.

As we get closer to planting time, some of us may be wondering whether our dirt is dirt, or whether it is SOIL. The USDA web site has a listing of all Cooperative Extension Offices – listed by county. The office in your area can help you test your soil, tell you what it might need for optimal growing. For example, in Pennsylvania, the Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Lab has standard soil test kits starting at $9.00.

What’s in your soil?

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  2. I like to use A & L Agricultural Laboratories. They have several branches across the U.S. The complete test with graphical readout and recommendations runs about $30, but it covers everything from Macronutrients to salts to micronutrients and what you can do organically to remedy any problems.

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