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News from Farmer Steve – FarmCore rocks!

In the spirit of celebrating change, we have an update from Farmer Steve – the heavy-metal-musician-turned-vegetable-farmer profiled here by Duncan Wilder Johnson last year. Back then, Farmer Steve said that he was happy to leave music in his past. Duncan wrote:

He was sick of it.  You would be too.  Frustrated by people who never pulled their weight, press and radio types who absolutely loved your band but never followed through with any air time or ink, and scenesters who were too concerned with their haircuts and t-shirts. Most of all, there was little to no money in music.  Let’s face it, unless you were Keith Richards, being in a band sucked.

Turns out Farmer Steve, with the encouragement of a new lady musician love, has started playing music again. Here’s what he wrote in an email:

We are doing sort of hard core versions of old murder ballads,I call the music FarmCore. Lot of fun. The other exciting thing is that my old band, Strange flesh, is getting back together for a reunion show-which means I have started playing drums again-its coming back to me pretty well-I think Duncan’s article got me thinking a little more about music than I had in years.

We know that musicians and farmers are cut from the same independent, resourceful and tenacious cloth. We just think that the joining of the two – now officially known in Massachusetts as FarmCore – holds incredible promise!

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