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Field trips with coffee and chocolate are better than the elementary school ones with peanut butter crackers and bus ride nausea

Fair Trade products are dear to our hearts, and the folks at Equal Exchange are our neighbors. So, in the spirit of being neighborly and wanting to learn more about the company, a handful of us went down to their West Bridgewater facility for a roasters tour and coffee/chocolate tasting. Photos of the tour can be seen on our Flickr page.

The labor and care that goes into producing fair trade products – ones that nurture the grower as well as the land – is often taken for granted. Coffee, for one, is an incredibly labor-intensive crop (when grown sustainably) and is staggeringly cheap when you consider all that goes into it. We walked away from the tour with a new respect for the java we enjoy every morning.

A fun new web site (and project of Equal Exchange) that promises to agitate against corporate and government blowhards is – where anyone can be a Mexican-wrestler-turned-blogger. Do us a favor: if you post something over there, link to it here so we can cheer you on in your fight.

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