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Glenda goes to The Wood Brothers show

It sure was easy chatting up the crowd at the Wood Brothers show at the Paradise club in Boston on Saturday night.
It was pouring rain, and I heard people’s shoes squeak as they came down the hall!

But everyone brightened up about HOMEGROWN food, farming, growing, cooking, and what to do with rutabega—yes, one guy wondered about that!   And there was only one identified Convenience Store Culinarian, ribbed by her pals.  They said they don’t even let her in the kitchen!  Most people said, yeah, I like all that stuff!  From the students who just moved into a sustainability house on the Wellesley College campus to the guy who composts, and doesn’t even have a garden, it was a HOMEGROWN crowd.

And those Wood Brothers make music!  Very cool guys, delicious lyrics, a lot of groove.  “I got a soul that I won’t sell.”

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