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A flash of panic struck this morning when I realized that the 12 worms I dug up in New Hampshire this weekend were not enough to sustain my newly crafted vermicompost bin. I am so eager to get the packets of food scraps out of my freezer and into the process of regeneration – “where can I get 1000 worms quickly?!”
Of course, I go to “the Google” to see where I might find Red Worms, aka Red Wrigglers, in a jiffy. I could have them shipped from California or Missouri or even Pennsylvania, but that would take days, not to mention tons of unnecessary carbon emissions…I am too impatient and the Carbon Shredders would not approve…
So I started calling bait shops in the Boston area. “Nope.” is all one said. “Well…they’re kind of reddish pink…” said another gruff voice. Some shops are only open a couple of days a week (not Mondays) – gah! Finally, a very kind woman in East Boston told me about the wholesaler where her son buys his bait called Fishing Fanatics in Everett – a mere three miles away. Success! I’ll be picking up my industrious wrigglers this evening. The vermi-adventure continues.

***UPDATE*** Note the proper spelling of my local bait shop.

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