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For the City Slickers – Vermicomposting

So, we’ve been searching around the internet for more information on vermicomposting, and have discovered some great resources. This video is a charming and entertaining 101 from “Sustainable Dave” using a purchased vermicomposting system called the Worm Factory. For those of us who want to make our own worm bin, there are some good design tips here, too.

The second is one chapter in the ongoing saga of DIY vermicomposting from and – two really cool sites from HOMEGROWN-living folks. Barb Finnin is, evidently, a composting goddess and we totally love her style.

Some other tips we’ve picked up:

  1. it is VERY important to keep your bin out of the sun
  2. blending your food scraps, as well as adding fine sand to the bin, helps the worms digest more efficiently
  3. alternatively, packing your foodscraps in newspaper, then freezing for a bit also helps break down the food scraps before feeding them to your wriggly friends.
  4. A great 101 from the heartland

10 Responses to “For the City Slickers – Vermicomposting”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout and I’m glad you liked the video. There’s another on harvesting that may be helpful as well and if folks go to and click on the link on the right hand side, they can get a bin for a discount (I make no money from these, just want to get more folks composting).


  2. Yay…thanks for posting the video…i love and! you can check out more worm composting videos at and I think it’s great that the title is “for the city slickers” because i know work at City Slicker Farms in West Oakland. . very cool! Thanks HomeGrown!!

  3. Barb is great. She now runs Check her out if you live in Oakland.

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  5. Barb is a composting goddess indeed, those little vermicomposting critters are also excellent bait for trout or any pan fish. We took a good 150 pounds of good compost to our garden this spring, nothing you can buy is better, miracle grow my ass, if you have room try in the dirt, the worms will go deep and survive the winter, and its outdoors, you’ll get some fat happy squirrels in your neighborhood….

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  7. Love the message of “why is any food going into a landfill when you can use a worm composter and just put them to work.”

  8. Making worm compost has proven to be so much fun. We started out with a stackable operation and I am now composting several pounds of food waste every other week. I believe we

  9. Thinking of getting a kit for vermicomposting. I might just end up putting it on my list. Would you suggest going to the multi tray installations or just a simple box?

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