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DIY Solar Cookers – a few projects

We ate solar cookies and solar pizza this past weekend at Bonnaroo – cooked in the Sun Oven. This very cool, and easily transportable, model can be had for about $300.

For those who would like to make their own solar cooker, here are a few fantastic how-to’s using a little time and inexpensive materials.

Solar Cooker using a cardboard box

The Path To Freedom solar cooker project

Compendium of solar cooker designs

3 Responses to “DIY Solar Cookers – a few projects”

  1. Cheralle Willams Says:

    Thanks you for posting this! I need it so much for my school’s project! The information is very useful, and I finally have confidence of getting an A for my Science! Thanks you so much!

    Cheralle (12 years old)

  2. there’s no doubt DIY solar is the best way to save money, i found some discounts on DIY solar kits but they’re going quick


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