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The Greenhorns

We had a delightful visit from Severine from The Greenhorns yesterday. We dug into a fresh blueberry peach pie while she told us about the many interesting projects she’s involved in – including getting The Greenhorns movie produced and distributed. Her passion for getting young farmers hooked up with each other is wonderfully infectious – you go, Severine, we’re big fans!

The Greenhorns Trailer:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    incredible trailer. the more this discussion becomes a part of the national conversation the better.

  2. dougcullen asks: is the full movie out yet? where can we watch it?

  3. Severine replied via email:
    “Please can you tell him that we expect it done by mid 2009- but that
    he can purchase his DVD in advance by sending a check made out to
    greenhorns at PO 87 red hook ny 12571”

    $25 includes shipping

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