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The Community Cookbook Project

Creating a community cookbook is a wonderful tradition that can capture the personality of  a region, an era and a unique group of people. Already fans of Cornelia’s CSA Cookoff recipe series, our friends at ReadyMade are soliciting your best recipes for their version of the community cookbook:

Before blogs or zines (yes, there was a before), there were community cookbooks—printed compilations of recipes representing the collective culinary achievements of home cooks. Published cheaply and distributed locally since the mid-1800s, the books were created by groups of women to raise money for their social clubs, churches, or charities of choice. If you grew up with these books or have come across them in a resale shop or garage sale, you’ve likely been charmed by the eclectic collection of recipes and homemade feel.

Submit your best recipe to be considered for the book. Heck, you might even help raise some money for your favorite charity. ReadyMade is also holding a recipe contest here. Good luck and happy cooking!

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  1. This is a frickin’ amazing idea!

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