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The Organic Sister (And Our Organic Life)


I stumbled upon this blog looking for a DIY toothpaste recipe and stayed for the lovely pictures, inspiring posts and the refreshing frankness of Tara – “…A wife. A mama. A spare-time poet. Aspiring Photographer. Frugal Environmentalist. Organic Gardener/Urban Homesteader. Massage Therapist. Revolutionist. Free-thinker. And just an all-around awesome chick.” And the keeper of the site.

Tara and her brood have been planning their escape from Las Vegas with a Five Year Plan that begins with an open-ended biofueled road trip. Particularly enchanting (while remaining pragmatic) are the sections on Simplicity, Food Not Lawns, and Creating.

They also might just have the best backyard critters ever – desert tortoises.

Oh, and here’s the toothpaste recipe. Thanks Tara!

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  2. Well thank you for linking and pointing to that blog, as I hadn’t seen The Organic Sister before. There’s some great stuff on there – I’m going to enjoy wading through her archives. Did you see she’s on Twitter as well.

  3. No, thank you!


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