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Down To Earth – Artists Create Edible Landscapes


Down to Earth: Artists Create Edible Landscapes is an Environmental Art exhibition that highlights the growing focus and emergence of “green” principles and sustainability in relationship to food, art, design and agriculture.  Guest Curator Amy Lipton of New York’s ecoartspace selected six artists or artist teams who are all working to create socially engaging interventions in the landscape related to food and agriculture, creating an aesthetic and cultural link between art and farming.

Joan Bankemper (New York, NY) – Willa – a contemporary “earthwork” which will function as a medicinal herb garden.

Knox Cummin (Philadelphia, PA) Not Drain Away- A rain water collection sculpture off of the roof of the existing farmhouse complete with rain barrels, piping and irrigation system, which waters the American Roots garden.

Ann Rosenthal and Steffi Domike (Pittsburgh, PA) – An American Roots Garden – Foods common to early America, including Native American crops and those brought by settlers and immigrants.

Simon Draper and the Habitat for Artists Collective, with Todd Sargood and Odin Cathcart, (Hudson Valley, NY) Jeff Bailey ( Phila, PA) and Cathy Lebowitz (New York, NY) – Drawn to / Drawn from the Garden – A mini art studio, potting shed, and seven vegetable/flower gardens.

Stacy Levy (Spring Mills, PA)  – Kept Out – An enclosure of blue metal fencing that will exclude deer from a small piece of the woods as a way to investigate how the deer alter their own edible landscape.

Susan Leibovitz Steinman (San Francisco, CA) – Urban Defense – a five-sided permaculture urban forest orchard.

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