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ReMake America: Building a Sustainable Future

Dale Dougherty, editor and publisher of Make, and one of the powerful forces behind Maker Faire, has some inspiring things to say about the power of makers:

Imagine a better country, a better world for our children and their children…The challenge itself is so enormous that the work itself is hard to imagine. Yet I believe that makers offer the best hopes for the future. Makers have the knowledge and skills paired with energy and enthusiasm to lead the way. The time to start is now, to do something, however small, at home or in our local community. Together we’ll begin to make considerable progress on this giant, multi-generational DIY project, which we’re calling ReMake America: Building a Sustainable Future.

We invite you to submit your ideas for the HOMEGROWN Village at Maker Faire – how are YOU ReMaking America in the community and in your own home? See the entire manifesto below

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