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Call to Makers for the HOMEGROWN Village at Maker Faire Bay Area

That’s right, we’re curating a HOMEGROWN Village at Maker Faire that celebrates what YOU do: growing, preserving, building, sprouting, brewing, urban farming – anything DIY and homestead-y. This is THE most inspiring gathering of creative and passionate Do-It-Yourself-ers and promises to be a really fun time.

Deadlines for submissions is 4/10/2009. Drop a line or comment here and we’ll send you more information.


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6 Responses to “Call to Makers for the HOMEGROWN Village at Maker Faire Bay Area”

  1. I’m interested! Love to join up and make/ grow.

  2. I am totally interested and would like to talk about making jam from foraged and traded fruits.

  3. […] the fun part, where you come in. Our friends at are looking for makers of their own for the Homegrown village: the farmers, the growers, the […]

  4. I need to be part of this! What can I do? I’m good at recipes with market veg, may have some pickles ready by then too–

  5. Alicia Preston Says:

    I would love to do some brined pickles and things.

  6. Ian Carswell Says:

    I could demonstrate how to brew your own homemade (alcoholic) ginger beer.

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