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Rock The Grill (unplugged): A Good Food Cookout

We realized pretty quickly that grilling in 90 degree heat was not a good idea, so we scrapped the grill and charcoal and went with the alternative, cooler menu. Many industrious hands made light work as friends from Sustainable Table, Nashville Urban Harvest, Ask Apparel and HOMEGROWN chopped, sliced, and cooked up a colorful, fresh and delicious HOMEGROWN feast: simply sliced Tennessee tomatoes, a spicy cabbage slaw that Denise threw together with great success, “grilled” portabellos with brie and apples (thanks Vance!), veggie burger chili (no grill, remember) by Jim, wonderful green salads with tons of goodies like walnuts, goat cheese, grapes, mushrooms, blueberries and avocado, and a “sigh” fruit salad.

I call it “sigh” because from the moment I started slicing the juicy Georgia peaches, I felt the calmness of cooking come over me – like what comes from a long, hearty exhale. I hadn’t realized how three days away from my kitchen, my cutting boards and knives, bowls and wooden spoons, had affected me – the daily meditation of cooking is something that keeps me centered, and it felt really good.

cookout prep

One of our musician/activist heroes, Adrienne Young, joined us for a nibble – above she is vying for one of those portobellos!

All-in-all, the cookout was a spontaneous success. People were innovative with the ingredients that were available, we shared a special meal prepared with love, with our neighboring groups like Carbon Shredders, Oxfam America, Sequatchie Valley Institute, and Conscious Alliance – we look forward to eating with our new friends again soon!

ps: a very special thanks to Diane Hatz at Sustainable Table for the energy and fortitude it took to pull this all off – you’re amazing!

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  1. That meal was delicious! Thanks for feeding the Oxfam crew!

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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